Wednesday, August 31, 2011


“This week we want to…” purchase a full sized mattress, convert the crib into a full sized bed, move Ronin's twin bed into Hunter's room for Drayken, and give Ronin the full sized bed. As exciting as it is to think that I will no longer stub my toes on the crib, I cannot help but think that it's going to be a very sad, bittersweet moment... moving my baby, my LAST baby out of my room. Sure, we'll co-sleep whenever he needs it. But man, this is a big step.

“The kids are…” taking an interest in new and different things and changing so much. Drayken has started pottying occasionally but he's also talking much much more. He asks to go to class at church and he plays with toys and lets me read to him these days. Ronin has changes in a appearance... not more baby face. She looks so tall and grown up. She's also eating. Constantly. I really cannot keep food in the house. And her reading ability has exploded. Suddenly she can read pretty much anything. Hunter has really come out of his shell. He is much friendlier and seems to enjoy spending time with other children more than he used to. He's expressed an interest in so many new things: hockey, skateboarding, science (in general... experiments, science videos we find online, etc), money, telling time, Piirates, Star Wars, and tie dye.

“I am learning….” about my communication issues. About improvisational comedy. About spiritual warfare.

“I am struggling with…” trying to decide exactly what path to take... "career" wise. I feel a deep desire to find a way to contribute to our income but I'm uncertain what to do. After a talk with a dear friend today, I feel encouraged to move forward (after prayer of course) with one particular idea that I have. I am also struggling with my longing to return to the stage. Every so often I start getting that "urge" but today, that urge is overwhelming. Ultimately what I really want to do is to find a female writing partner to help me write a two woman show. But I'm also interested in improv. I guess the point is that I'm ready to move forward with something... I'm in that space again. It's kind exciting!

“This week is the first time….” that we have taken a blanket to the front yard for poetry and Bible time since Hunter's been home from the hospital. I cannot WAIT until fall!

“I am grateful…” for reconciliation with an important friend.

“I’m looking forward to…..” new episodes of my favorite shows. "Parks and Recreation", "The Office", "glee", and "The Big Bang Theory". And our vacation to Tampa and Walt Disney World. Never have we needed a vacation quite like we do right now.

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  1. Wow! So many really cool things going on! That is so cool about the reconciliation! I only have one, but I remember when we 'officially' moved him to his own room. He still will occasionally co-sleep. After Tropical Storm Lee took out our electricity (along with half the state), we made a pallet for him in our pretty snug room. He will crawl in bed with us if he's scared or if he has growing pains. He still really needs snuggling time before bed too.

    May God reveal to you the perfect avenue of income He wants for you.



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