Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take Me Out to the (Nashville Sounds) Ballgame!

Recently the local Make a Wish Foundation sent out an email offering their Wish Families free tickets to a Nashville Sounds baseball game. We accepted four tickets for last night's game and anxiously awaited the evening!

We received our tickets from Will Call. They were under Hunter's name!

Then we had to pose in front of the cool "Ozzie" blow up. Of course.

After that we went to check out our seats!

And then we went to enjoy the inflatable slide which was by all means the highlight of the evening. Very seldom is one in a location where there is an inflatable that isn't being used by a bajillion other children. So this was a win!

Finally we were able to drag them away from the slide in order to watch the game. My personal favorite part of the experience was the audience participation (reminded me of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"). Oh, and I really liked all of the random yet awesome songs that they played throughout the night. Like "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys and "Firestarter" by the Prodigy. Worlds apart... yet both brought back memories of growing up in Gallatin so strangely connected.

I made these poor kids pose in front of this sign. I'm so sorry that I'm such a geek, kids! Honestly though, it's a really super duper amazing ad, isn't it? It's VINTAGE, yet has a FACEBOOK symbol on it. TIME WARP (wow, I brought RHPS back up again, twice, in a post about baseball. I'm the queen of randomness).

Of course, being the big dork that I am, I had to have my photo made with Ozzie, the team mascot. He was hilarious! And don't ask why the picture is in black and white. Just bear in mind that at the time the photo was taken, the Captain had been awake for about 27 hours. I'm just lucky that he got our heads in the photo.

At some point the girl child began to squirm as she started to focus on a lack of food. This child has been eating, nonstop, for about the last two weeks. So, I sent the Captain to purchase Cracker Jacks, a treat neither of the kids had ever had and that is also a nice traditional baseball-related snack. He came back with the Cracker Jacks... and a funnel cake! GROSS!! (I tasted it... it was as nasty as I anticipated.)

I enjoyed people watching a lot as well. There was Donny Osmond from about 22 years ago... and the grandma wearing this hilarious shirt.

Frankly, I am utterly amazed at how much fun this experience was. I'm not a sports fan but there was plenty to keep even me entertained! Thanks so much to the Nashville Sounds and Make a Wish for donating these tickets to our family. We truly had a great time.

But wait, I'll let the kids tell you how much fun they had!

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  1. Unfortunately the best part of a baseball game is always everything EXCEPT the game itself hehe.

    As far as funnel cakes go, I will be more than happy to eat any portions you want to give up. Was this your first funnel cake? We always got them at the fair growing up, NOM.

  2. I got here because you commented on a post to our mutual homeschool loop. I decided you were my best friend about halfway through this post.

    And then you dissed the Funnel Cakes and I decided that I couldn't know you.

    But now I see what Jaime is thinking and can see the upside of a best friend who won't eat any of my Funnel Cakes.

    So, you're forgiven, Bestie.

    And those babies are some kind of amazing cute. No worries. I have my own, so you can keep yours. Just sayin'.


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