Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The kids were so excited last week to find a package in the mailbox addressed to all three of them.

It seems someone had donated super hero capes to them via "Kiss the Toad Creations". Awesomeness!!

Aren't they gorgeous? And the capes are pretty cool too! Haha! I have no idea who donated these lovely capes to Hunter, Ronin and Drayken but we send a big super thank you out to that person/those people!

It seems that you, too, can donate a cape to a child fighting cancer. Learn more by clicking here.
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  1. Those capes are made of pure awesome!!

  2. How cute! The kids & the capes!

    Hey, I totally need to stalk you (kidding. I just want to pick your brain). I semi-met you at the park last week for the water play. We just moved here a few weeks ago. I found you on FB through the HS in the Boro page and am wondering if the email on your FB page is a good way to get in touch with you? I was going to send a friend request, but you don't have that option on your page. If that's not a good way to reach you, can you message me on FB with a current email addy? You can find me on the Boro page or under Jen's friends list. Thanks!


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