Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our afternoon at The Blue Porch

Recently the Captain and I visited the Blue Porch Bed and Breakfast which is in Readyville, TN, about 15 minutes from downtown Murfreesboro. We were invited out to lunch with our new friends, the Thompsons who happen to own and run this establishment. We discussed ways to incorporate our chocolate into their business. It was a super fun and informative lunch. Not to mention delicious. They tried out some new recipes on us and we got to enjoy fried chicken, macaroni salad, marinated veggies, rolls, quinoa salad, mango tea, and cherry cobbler with homemade ice cream on top. Yummy!!

As you can see, the Blue Porch is a lovely respite. Set far off the road in virtually "the middle of nowhere", from the Blue Porch one can enjoy a view of trees, plants, flowers, and even watch the owners collect honey from their hives.

While the bed and breakfast looks like a wonderful place to sleep and retreat, it looks like an even better place to commune, entertain, socialize, and, most importantly, EAT! This location offers it all!

And if you can't make it out to their place, invite them in to yours! These guys have created a prevalent catering business. Also, they sell some of their most popular sides like chicken salad and salsa (my personal favorites) at the local Saturday Farmer's Market. Contact them for other locations!

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Ridiculous Chocolate hopes to co-host a holiday party at this location in November!

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