Monday, August 15, 2011

Dolch Words

Recently I had a conversation on Facebook about reading. I have an excited reader and a reluctant reader. They are reading about approximately the same level. Both of them want to read and improve their skills. Now that we are finished with Headsprout, I felt that I needed to find something... anything that would help both children continue practicing their reading skills (and writing skills preferably) that would work for everyone involved. It's been difficult to have them doing entirely different programs. So my friend Cori suggested Dolch words. It's not a program. It's really just a list of words. Words that children will frequently see in literature for their "age or grade level". If you go to the website you will see that they offer activities and games ideas for you to use but even that was too much for me. I got overwhelmed just reading the list! So instead I just printed off the lists and did my own thing with it. We have done the words for two weeks so far. And we are all enjoying it. No complaints from Hunter (He's not reluctant or excited to participate... just neutral. Trust me this is huge.) and Ronin is so excited about Dolch words that she has shown them to her grandmother and requested to work with them far more often than I had planned to do so.

I have been choosing about 8 words per week. A few from the noun list as well as a few from the Dolch sight words list. I write them on the hall way dry erase board and show them to the kids at the beginning of the week.

I put them on a sheet of paper and then cut them out like flash cards.
Each child has both the sight words and the nouns lists in their folders.

We had these "school supplies" left over from clearance finds from last year. Both of the kids were psyched to have a use for them. I remember loving folders, notebooks, and binders too. Honestly, I still do :)

On one day (whenever it works for us) I go over the words. We read them together and then they copy them into their notebooks two times each (unless they don't want to). Then we make up fun sentences with the words.
On the second day, they read the words to me, write them down (preferably without looking if they can) and then I make up sentences which I write on a dry erase board and they read the sentences to me.

That's it. It takes maybe an hour each week.
Everyone is happy.
No one is stressed out.
And we are all learning and having fun!

Have you used the Dolch words? If so, what kinds of activities have you done with them?

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  1. My kids loved Dolch wqords when they were smaller-- had me print out the Dolch word lists from and hang them all down the hallway.

  2. We are using the Dolch spelling lists on the Word Wizard app and making up sentences for copywork with them. Gerrick can read them with no problem, but spelling/writing is another story. :)


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