Friday, July 8, 2011

VBS: Final night carnival

The final night of VBS we didn't have classes... just a huge "county fair" themed carnival.
Fun for the whole family.

The petting zoo was a hit with all of the kids.
Drayken and Hunter both kept gravitating back over to the animals

Hunter waited in line for a long time with hopes of knocking someone into the water at the dunking booth. He cackled like a wild man every time someone hit the mark and the dunkee fell back into the water.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening but the highlight was the ice cream contest.
Hunter entered a strawberry basil lime vegan sorbet in the fruit category and Ronin entered a vegan coconut milk ice cream filled with peppermint pieces of Ridiculous Chocolate in the candy category. We anxiously awaited the results of the contest to be announced. After the winners in all categories were called and neither of the kids had won, I gave Hunter a sympathetic look and mouthed "that's okay". After all, these were original recipes and most everyone else probably used existing tried and true recipes. But after all of the categories were announced, there were two awards left. And Hunter's ice cream was named "Most Unique"! We were so excited!

Look! He won a "golden spoon" and the base of the trophy is painted pink, white, and brown... like Neapolitan ice cream. That night he came home and slept with his trophy.

VBS is officially over for another year.
Ronin wanted to do it again in two weeks she said.
Guess it's a good thing she's going to art camp then!

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