Thursday, July 14, 2011

Plank Pullin': Embracing Individual Strengths

Sometimes it's hard for me to see the advantage to everyone in our household having different strengths. Instead, I focus on what they don't do or what they aren't good at or maybe what inconveniences me.

For instance, Drayken likes to go outside. A lot. He does not, however, care for watching television. I know. To a more normal person this might not look like a problem. But for a heat and mosquito hating lover of sloth, it's rather irritating. He's forever finishing up his snack with gusto and throwing his drink cup in the sink and yelling, "Thwing" (trans. swing) and heading for the back door, his little hand leading me by the skirt. It's truly precious. And it drives me bonkers. There is nothing I hate more than having to go outside on a day in July. And add to it the high pollen level which has rendered me EXTREMELY SICK and I really and truly do NOT want to take him outside to "thwing". Instead, I'd like to curl up on the sofa and watch a little telly. The first boy toddler preferred that too. WHY CAN'T HE DARN IT? On the other hand, I'm awfully thankful to have a child who clearly loves nature. It's been a treat to see the world through his eyes of wonder. And I can just imagine the adventures we'll have when he's older.

And then there is the girl. The girl who obsesses over gum but can't keep the gum in her mouth and off of expensive electronics, furniture, or rugs. The girl who would prefer that I take her for a hair cut than to fight one more day with me about keeping it washed and brushed (I think she finally caved in about the hair cut because we found a huge tick buried in her scalp and there was blood all around the spot... no telling how long it had been there. GROSS.) The girl who cannot seem to keep her room cleaned and organized to MY satisfaction. But one thing she can do is relinquish the cleaning duties to me and her brother and then thank us for it later. Not to mention that she is always around if I need a hug, a laugh, or a girlfriend with whom I can have a cup of coffee, watch a little of "The Wonder Years" or paint my nails.

Then there is my husband. He buys paint but refuses to finish painting my living room. He replaces the engine in a van and leaves it sitting on my drive way for two years untouched. He starts creating biodiesel and then stops... leaving the equipment and the small building in which it resides abandoned. Makes me crazy, this man of mine. Thank goodness he is the way that he is... the way that God made him... or else we wouldn't have a roof over our heads (Lord knows I can't possibly hold down a job if my life depended on it), a vehicle to drive, health insurance, and the sheets on the bed would be changed a lot less often.

Oh and of course there is me. Facebook addicted, easily distracted, super paranoid, highly intuitive yet lacking in empathy, withdrawn yet all up in your face at the same annoying time, insecure me. Good thing God knew to also make me creative, a deeply loyal friend (once you get past the weird stuff), open and honest, and willing to take risks.

The only person around here that I don't want to change regularly is Hunter. Yep. Somehow he comes off as perfect in my mind. Or maybe I can just relate to him better than any of the other people in this house... including myself. That in an of itself is probably annoying. Because he's NOT perfect... I just find that my tolerance level for his imperfections has always been higher.

So, what is it that you are always wanting to change about the people in your house?

Pullin' Planks with Jessica today. Wanna join in the excruciating fun?