Friday, July 29, 2011


“This week we want to…” get our Ridiculous Chocolate label finished and ordered, create some semblance of a schedule for August and September as life switches from "summer camp" mode to "doing a play and getting ready for vacation mode". Also, the Captain has rented out a space inside of a very near by storage unit that is going to serve as his office starting next week. So that is another change we must adjust to. We are also discussing moving the Drakester into Ronin's twin sized bed, putting it into Hunter's room, and taking the crib down and putting it up in Ronin's room (because it converts into a full sized bed). So many changes to be made!

“The kids are…” playing together again. It's taken Hunter a lot of months to come down off of his steroids and to adjust to being back at home with other children. And some days it's still a challenge for him. But they have been watching tv together, looking at books together, and, most often, sword fighting with each other and playing "Pirates of the Caribbean".

“I am learning….” that sometimes I think I have my kids all figured out and it turns out that... well... maybe not so much. All of these years I had assumed that Ronin would be the one take in interest in acting. I'd mentioned auditions and theater to her and she'd seemed nervous, hesitant. Once recently when I was talking about her possibly doing an audition for a local production of "Annie", Hunter randomly said, "Can I go to an audition for a commercial?" I was stunned. It had never occurred to me that he might like that type of thing but come to think of it, he was so comfortable in front of the cameras the million times he'd been interviewed this past year. So when we were at the library last week, chatting away with our librarian friend who also happens to direct local theater, and he mentioned us getting together before his next production ("Pippin") started, I thought to ask if there might be any parts for Hunter. And lo and behold... there just happens to be one boy part in that musical. We attended the auditions on Monday and despite a slight schedule conflict, he has been cast as Theo. Imagine that!

“I am struggling with…” my desire to institute more structure. Not that anyone around here would really object but I worry that I want to do this strictly to fulfill my needs. Which isn't cool. But I can't help it... I want to feel in control after the insanity of the last year. On the other hand, I don't want to change our homeschooling style... I like being unschoolers. I have a hard time telling when unschooling has stopped and school at home has picked up.

“This week is the first time….” that Hunter has ever attended a summer camp. And he's done very well with it, had a good time, and wants to go back next year. Win!

What is the worst thing you ever forgot to do? Ever? No idea. But I will say that this past week I did a naughty. I turned on the garden soaker hose and I forgot to turn it off.... for 14 hours. NOT excited to see that water bill.

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  1. Congratulations to Hunter! How exciting!

    And meeting your own needs with a little structure isn't a sin. A sane mama is a better mama. :)


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