Saturday, June 18, 2011

What We've Been Reading Post 7

Right now we are participating in the summer reading program at our local library. Hunter has read his 20 books plus about 15 by now. Ronin is almost finished. And I am hoping and praying that I can read my six books by the ending date. Needless to say we've been reading a ton and checking out random books from the library. I like having a list to go by sometimes but I also find it to be like a fun adventure to just park it on the floor in front of a shelf and pick out books that just look interesting. It's a fun way to discover great reads. Here are some of our favorite recent finds.

Both Hunter and Ronin read these easy readers and liked them a lot.
We found a few similar books when we went back a few days ago that they are planning to read this week. The books are called "Shine Sun", "Oh George!" and "Crabby Gabby".

The Lime Green Secret is a cute book about a little girl in a wedding and it's clearly set in the 60s which is super awesome. My Mother Talks to Trees is a wonderful book about trees and I learned so much from it, Cork & Fuzz: The Collectors is a really sweet easy reader and I think we'll look for more books from the series.

We loved loved loved the book Let's Get a Pup Said Kate.
I loved that the mom had a funky haircut and a tattoo and a nose ring. The family seemed very close and they also watched television. :) Pig Boy was a funny book about a purple pig... we try and check out every pig book that we can find in the library.

Dirty Joe the Pirate is a funny story about siblings, No Dogs Allowed! was written by Maria from "Sesame Street" and incorporated a lot of Spanish language and culture, and The Secret Garden was a picture book version of the novel that has sparked an interest in the story for Ronin. We are going to watch the movie soon and we will read the entire novel one day but for now I'll let it remain on our shelf as I'm pretty sure she's not ready for it quite yet.

The Wind in the Willows Easy Readers were a nice introduction to the story and I think we are ready to try the chapter book. Ghost Detectors series is Hunter's new favorite series. Each one is a silly ghost mystery. He is excited to read the remaining three books in the series.