Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simple yet Effective Play Kitchen

About the only kind of pretending that any of my kids seem to enjoy doing is that which involves food. Playing restaurant or grocery store or tea party or picnic... a regular in this house. I'd love to say that we have some fancy pretend kitchen set up but the truth is that we don't. But what we have works just fine. I found this stove at a Ross Store on clearance. It was just the stove and I purchased pots and pans separately also on clearance. The cash register was a birthday gift a few years back.

The cash register and stove sit on top of a purple roll away cart with drawers. Inside of the drawers are dishes, pots and pans and lots of pretend food. And next to the set of drawers we have a shopping basket with more food.

Sometimes we move it around the house. I'm about to move it into the kitchen in hopes that pretend food helps deter Drayken from making real food and then wasting it.

There ya have it... how we do pretend food play around here. Pretty simple huh?