Sunday, June 5, 2011

Promotion Sunday

Today was Promotion Sunday at our wonderful church, North Boulevard Church of Christ. This means that Drayken has moved up from the nursery to the preschool department (sniff). And Ronin has moved up from the preschool department to the elementary department (double sniff).

First we dropped Drayken off at his new "big boy" class.

He wasn't really sure what to think and he cried a little bit as we left him but I was leaving him with a friend who I trust so I knew she wouldn't let him cry for too long before paging us. I was right. She didn't end up paging us because he calmed right down.

Then we headed over to Faith Boulevard where the elementary department meets. We settled in for what was a review for me about the details of how the (incredible) program works. I needed a review because I heard all of this information for the first time about a year ago... and it all went out of my brain as soon as Hunter was diagnosed with leukemia.

Ronin, who is now officially in first grade, received her Bible and her first Bible Bookmark and first Boulevard "Bucks".
Ronin's tour group will be called the Conquerors and their color is red.
After the presentation, Hunter took me and Ronin on a tour of all of the classes on Faith Boulevard. This is the game room where the kids review Bible facts and trivia.

This is the theater where the kids will start training to perform in plays for the younger children once they are in 3rd grade.

And the Diner is where the kids learn about our missionaries and serving others.

This is Hunter's very favorite class... all about Biblical history! (Helps that the teacher happens to be a very sweet lady who sent him cards regularly while he was sick.)

And this is the movie room where the kids go to, you got it, watch a movie. Big screen and surround sound. It's exactly like a theater. Right now they are showing "Prince of Egypt".

This is the art room and when I say art, I don't mean crafts from Oriental Trading. They do real art and quite frankly, I want to attend this class!

Last but not least is the puppet room. The children get to learn stories and praise songs which they perform while using puppets. On Wednesday nights, the preschoolers take field trips to this room and watch the puppet shows.

As you can see, we are very blessed to be a part of this amazing program. We have so much fun and kids learn a tremendous amount about the Bible while participating in these classes. I can't wait to get started with having TWO kids enjoying themselves over there!!