Friday, June 17, 2011

A playdate with friends

Yesterday we got to spend the day with some of our favorite friends.

The children had a great time together playing Barbie, jumping on the trampoline, collecting crab apples, driving around the yard in the jeep, swinging, blowing bubbles, having lunch, climbing trees, playing video games, and talking about television, books, and all of the other fun things that these kids have in common.

I enjoyed having someone to talk with as well. I just love Christy in general but the fact that she has gone through the same ordeal of having a child sick with leukemia and undergo a sibling-donor bone marrow transplant makes her about the only person I can relate to these days. Add the fact that she is also an unschooling mom and I feel right at home with her (and if you've been reading my blog lately, that is something I've not been experiencing too much these days).

See these gorgeous girls! Story (in the yellow) just had her NG tube removed this week and she is finished with all but two of her medications! It's been exciting to watch her victories throughout this difficult journey.

I had no idea that we had so many of these little apples on our tree!

Ronin is climbing higher and higher these days. It is best for me to simply not look up.

Here is Hunter driving around his new pal Lyric. Lyric is four days younger than Hunter and she seems to have a similar personality. Neither of them act or look seven. I hope they get to spend some more time together soon.

Is there a particular family that your family seems to click with well?

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