Monday, June 13, 2011

Make it Yourself: Tick Shampoo for your Dog

Welcome back to Make it Yourself, my summer series! This week I am sharing with you my experience with making homemade and inexpensive tick shampoo for our little puppy Maggie. We have a tick problem at our house. The kids and I are always finding ticks on ourselves. If you find them quickly, it's really pretty simple to remove them with no issue. I take my Seventh Generation liquid dishwashing soap, squirt some on a cloth, and rub the tick in a circular motion until the nasty little sucker suffocates and pops off. Unfortunately, with a little dark haired furry animal, it's not always so easy to tell that they have a tick on them (Like it is for us pale skinned white folks) and so I have to admit that I've found a couple of these little jerks on Maggie after they have already started to bury their way into her flesh. Ick. I knew we had to do something. But right as the husband was about to rush out to the store to pick up some chemical laden shampoo for the baby girl, I begged him to give me a few minutes. I was certain I could find something cheaper and much much safer for all of us to be inhaling when we cuddled with the sweet thing. I found several recipes but the simplicity of this one really appealed to me.

For my shampoo I used:
1 quart of water
1 cup of vinegar
1 cup of Dr. Bronner's liquid baby soap

It totally doesn't lather well. And it's not easy to use. But it was cheap, it's safe for our entire family, and, tah dah, I've not found any more ticks on our baby girl since we started using it. :)

Do you have a special recipe that you use for keeping ticks and fleas away from you pet?