Monday, June 6, 2011

Make it Yourself: Laundry Detergent

Welcome to Make it Yourself!! I'm excited to kick off this new blog series with a fun post about making my own laundry detergent. This is the second batch we've made of this stuff and I'd say it's going well. We made the first batch on March 20th and I just used the last of it today. We average a load of laundry once a day I'd guesstimate and we have washed a lot of doggie mess and bed clothing loads lately as well. The detergent is very simple to make and as long as you don't put my dirty kitchen rug in with your camping clothing on cold (why do the men in this house keep doing these things?) then it works just fine. Seriously, the cold load of dirty camping laundry combined with my nasty rug is the only load that has been gross and clumpy. Every single other load came out nice and clean. I haven't done the math to see how much money this detergent is costing me (mostly because the supplies didn't cost me anything this time as I used a donated Publix gift card to purchase them) but next time I will do the math as I'll probably get the supplies at Walgreens with our employee discount.

We used the first recipe on the list at this link.
Ronin and Drayken helped grate the soap.

I was a little worried that Drayken would think it was coconut!

Then Ronin stirred the boiling soap water until she got it in her eye and scalded her arm, at which point she promptly left to allow me to continue the job.

I actually doubled the recipe so that is why I have 8 cups of powder here.

I stirred it up in my 5 gallon bucket and put it back into the laundry room. I didn't measure but doubling this recipe made approximately 3 gallons of detergent.

See!? Simple! You can do it too!

Now, link up here letting us know about the things that you are making or doing yourself.
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