Friday, June 3, 2011


“This week we want to…” well... rest. now. I'm a bit late in writing this up but our week has been rather busy. We have spent time with friends (Hunter's first real successful playdate since his transplant, yay!), we have been to see friends who are living in an RV on their new land as they build their new life in the country, we have been to counseling which went well, we have borrowed a Hulu Plus account from a friend and we've started to catch up on "30 Rock", we have read a lot, and now we are going to rest so that hopefully we can get over what looks like a stomach bug so that we can move forward with our plans to attend a sneak preview of the new Judy Moody movie for FREE tomorrow with some of our awesome friends.

“The kids are…” really getting on my nerves and getting on one another's nerves lately. I think it's because of the heat and mosquitoes which seem to keep us trapped in doors. I got up for a second to get something out of the freezer yesterday and when I returned one of them had bit the other. And the toddler wasn't even here. I'm glad that our church's VBS starts soon and then a couple of weeks later, Ronin will attend an art day camp. These week long events should help us break up the monotony of days themed with "It's too danged hot to step outside."

“I am learning….” just how much I need adult interaction or just interaction with other people outside of these three kids and my husband. I have decided to pursue a part time job. I'm in no hurry so I won't take the first thing that comes along. I will be picky and choose wisely. But I would really like to go work somewhere else two days a week. I might also see if some of my online friends might like to chat via skype occasionally, I've made connections with some people online who have helped me feel less alone and more understood. I am also learning that you attract people into your life and you also repel people. I happen to notice that I'm attracting more people I enjoy and relate to and the people who stress me out seem to just be dropping away. It's still very painful.

“I am struggling with…” essentially the same thing I was struggling with last week. Feeling worthless, hopeless, exhausted, fighting against my natural tendencies to just be myself, paranoia that won't quit. I have noticed though that while I may not have too many kindred spirits in real life, God has blessed me with some online friends who have helped me feel less alone. I am so blessed to have connections with people who have the same weird ideas that I have. :)

“This week is the first time….” that Hunter has ever grabbed a book and started reading it to me on his own. Unprovoked. Unasked. Just suddenly he's reading to me. And enjoying it. And feeling confident. He's made so much progress with reading over the past two weeks. The other day he even said, "When I finish HeadSprout, I can just read to myself. I can climb up into my bed and turn on my lamp and I will never have to watch tv again." Ha! I love that kid.