Sunday, June 19, 2011

How We Do Science Around These Parts!

Yesterday was a science-filled Saturday. First Hunter and I went to a Birding Club meeting at the Cason Lane Trailhead here in Murfreesboro. We joined 6 other people (plus the leader) for a birding hike. We learned how to identify a few birds by their calls and we used binoculars to see various birds.

You can't see it here but deep in the third patch of land is a great blue heron!
What a cool spot!
My camera battery died but towards the end of our hike we saw 12 red-eared sliders which is a pretty common breed of turtles in our area.
The best part of the hike was that Hunter didn't have to to turn around and head back until we were almost finished. We've hiked this trail three times since his transplant and he went significantly further this time than any other time before. That was exciting!

After the club we came home and had lunch so that we could attend a birthday party of a little friend we'd not seen in a long time.
It had to have been the coolest kid's party we've ever attended!
Mr. Rich from Super Science TN put on a great show for the kids.
It was a lot of fun!
Ronin and the birthday boy made quarters "dance" in
dry ice after heating them up using friction.

Adding a liquid (not sure what it was) to dry ice to make a crazy foam...

which Mr. Rich then put on the kids' heads.

Each of the children got to be put inside of a bubble!

Hunter got a little butt shock from sitting on Mr. Rich's "electric chair".
Tee hee.

We had such a great time that we are considering
Mr. Rich's Super Science Camp at the end of July for Hunter.

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