Thursday, June 9, 2011

HeadSprout Reading Program Update

Hunter has been doing very well with reading lately. He is starting to tire of HeadSprout so I'm glad he's nearly finished with the program. I think he is just ready to start reading books that he wants to read. He only has 15 episodes left so I'm going to tell him that is he does one episode a day he'll be finished by the end of the month. This might be music to his ears :o). Once he is finished with the program he will receive $20.00 for book shopping. I am going to encourage him to use the $20.00 at a used book store or a thrift store... it will go much further.

Last night he read an easy reader called "Oh George!" by Sue Graves. He read it to himself, then gave me an overview and then decided to just go ahead and read it to me and Drayken because he thought we would like it. He's requested more books from the library that are similar to "Oh George!"

More and more I am seeing him reading books and skimming through the pages of books. It's several times a day now. I think this is a time of major "reading explosion" for him.

Here he is reading one of the books from HeadSprout.