Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why We Watch... The Office (Part 1)

You probably already know that we are big fans of "The Office" around here. You might have also read my farewell to Michael Scott last week. In light of the big hoopla surrounding Steve Carell's departure from the show, I thought it was only appropriate to make "The Office" my topic for "Why We Watch Wednesday" for the next two weeks.

And now. without further ado, an interview with "The Office" fans in our house.

Who is your favorite character on "The Office"? And why?
Hunter: Dwight because he is silly. I kinda like Jim too but I like Dwight better.
Ronin: Michael because he is the best in the show. I think he's sweet and funny.
Mandy: Michael because his character is the strongest and I can really relate to him and all of his issues.

Do you have a favorite episode of "The Office"?
Hunter: The baby shower episode because of Dwight destroying the stroller.
Ronin: The one where there are a bunch of candles and Michael asked Holly to marry him.
Mandy: Easily Pam and Jim's wedding. :)

What is your favorite moment with your favorite character?
Hunter: The snowball fight with Jim.
Ronin: The paintball fight with Dwight on his last day.
Mandy: There are so many but a few are the bird funeral, when he proposed to Holly, and the dinner party with Jan.

Why do you like to watch "The Office"?
Hunter: Because it's silly.
Ronin: Funny, cute, smart, I like it.
Mandy: The characters are just so real and so flawed and so dimensional... I feel like I know each of them. The formula for the show is unique and the writing is outstanding. Of course, the actors are the best on television. I'm completely smitten with every aspect of the show :)

What about you!? Do you watch "The Office"? I'd love to know your answer to each of the questions that we answered.

Next week I'll list possible learning tangents in each of our favorite episodes of "The Office".

Update: My television series will return in the Fall of 2011. It will be called "What We Watch" because I haven't enjoyed writing about "WHY" we watch a show and instead I'd prefer to just write about the show, how it makes us feel, and what we love about it... even if those reasons don't seem justifiable!


  1. I do watch the office, but I'm beginning to grow tired of it. The Lizard King has already moved on and Princess has never shown an interest. Yes, I think the appeal is fading quickly in our house. :-/

  2. The dinner party with Jan is a CLASSIC. :)

    I also like Scott's Tots. :D

  3. Thanks for dropping by Mama Pea Pod and leaving a comment. Our play kitchen is in the living room too.

    I have to admit, when I first started watching The Office, it was a bit too painfully real and I couldn't bear to watch it! But now that I'm not working right now, I'm enjoying it. I'll probably start cringing again when I go back to work!

  4. I used to watch the UK version, which was cringeworthily brilliant, but haven't seen the US one - I'll keep a look out for it now! x


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