Saturday, May 21, 2011

What We've Been Reading Post 6

First of all, I have to say that Hunter's experience with Headsprout is going well again. We are ready to do episode 59. He's caught up on all of the companion readers. He's even been reading some Bob Books and a few other easy readers.

Ronin has decided to start working on 100 Easy Lessons again. She is also reading Bob Books. This came out of no where. Just when I start to doubt that the no pressure tactics of unschooling is the way to go, both kids will rescue me from the pit of worry!

We have been reading a little in this book... to help us know more about our new sweet family member, Maggie.

We read this Flat Stanley book and Hunter read this easy reader. We did not like Flat Stanley and we plan to never read any more of those awful things again. ;)

Though I had read Eric Carle to the kids in the past, it wasn't until I brought these home from the library last week that they seemed to pay his books any mind. Hunter especially liked all of them. I brought them home with Ronin in mind and it ended up being Hunter who enjoyed them. I guess it just goes to show that you can never be too old to discover a good book, even if "technically" it is written for someone younger than you are.
We are sorta on a dog kick around here and I happened to chance upon these books at the library last week. So I brought all of the ones I could find home withe me. We liked them all. Sally is a sweet dog with a great adventure waiting around the corner. If you kids like dogs, they might love the Sally series.