Thursday, May 5, 2011

What We've Been Reading Post 5

We've been doing some nature study the past couple of weeks. Basically, we grab some books about birds or animals, read some, and then look the creature up on youtube. We've gone back through the Burgess Animal Book For Children and searched for videos about the animals we've already read about. We have looked up videos for fish and birds. We've checked out videos about a few fish we've read about in our Bible based Aquarium Guide (we have the Zoo and Museum guides from that series as well).

Our favorite videos are as follows:

Hummingbirds (amazing video)
Turkey Vultures (funny video)
Porcupine (cute video)

My mother-in-law gave me "If You Were a Noun" (and also verb, adjective, and adverb). When we read it, the kids kept saying, "I know that because of Mad Libs". Mad Libs teaches parts of speech. Case closed. Cute book. :)

I found six books in the Time Life I love Math Series last week at a yard sale. We haven't read them yet but I wanted to show them off and to ask if any of you have had fun using these books to help spark a love of math in your children. They look like fabulous books.

Our library was having a fund raiser book fair recently. Hunter saw these books there but they were too much for me to afford. My mother-in-law picked up the Lego book for him and last night I found the Millenium Falcon book at Marshalls for $8.00. I broke down and got it for him. I am a sucker for any book that motivates a boy to sit and pour over its pages for any length of time. Besides, I figure it's a book that will be passed down to the other little Star Wars fans that will no doubt come from one of my kids. Jones children have Jedi blood or something like that. Regardless, he's been looking at the Lego book and I'm sure he'll look at the other one given enough time.

I dropped Hunter and his dad off at the community center for swimming and then I headed over to the library. Hunter's one request? More "Scaredy Squirrel". Remember how much he liked the first two books? Luckily I found two more in the series. This time I had him help me read some of the words. These books just as cute and hilarious as the others that we had read.

Last but certainly not least is my personal favorite from the library books I found this week. Hunter used to look for books about pigs whenever we were checking out books in the library. Now I just automatically search for pig books when I'm looking on the shelves. He doesn't request them anymore but I can't seem to help myself. This book, Pete & Pickles, was written by the same person who wrote Mars Needs Moms. This story is precious but the art is simply breath taking. I rarely am impressed with the art in a children's book but this was an exception. Stunning stunning stunning art. Seriously, check out this book. Do it!
And there you have it... a little bit of what we've been reading the past week ... or so :).

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