Monday, May 9, 2011

Unschooling Moments

I'm starting to become more aware of our unschooling moments around here. It's important that I stockpile memories of how unschooling is working for our family so that when I'm tempted to give it up and give into my urges to become uber structured and a hardcore militant psycho homeschool mom (no offense;)), then I will have at least some frame of reference that tells me why that is not necessary. (Next week's "Unschool Monday" post will likely be about how unschooling is actually very difficult for me due to my tendency to want to be in control... deschooling has been great for my psyche.)

We've been looking things up on youtube to correspond with the birds and animals we've been learning about. Check out this woodpecker and snake having a round. It's amazing. We've also learned about vultures, hummingbirds, hawks, porcupines, rabbits. I simply know that if I tried to introduce these videos in the context of required work vs. naturally looking them up as our interests arise, Hunter would reject it wildly. As it stands, when I get out the bird book and the iPod for a little bird hunting, he says things like, "Woo Hoo." In a couple of weeks, we are going to join the birding club that meets at the park very close to our house for an early morning bird hike. We're terribly excited.
He's also taken responsibility for feeding the hummingbirds their nectar and keeping the bird feeder loaded with seed. Now it's time to pick up another feeder and another bag of seed. All of this has been child-led. We are talking about taking a field trip to a store in Nashville called Wild Birds Unlimited. I remember being bored out of my mind when my parents dragged me there as a teenager. Funny how I'd love to stop there now.
I notice that the kids are slowly starting to refer to the birds by their actual names as opposed to their color.

Hunter just started Cub Scouts this past week. That will keep us pretty busy. I hope that he enjoys it. At the very least he enjoyed pigging out on bbq chips at the award's ceremony Saturday evening.

This is something I've been seeing a lot more of lately... Hunter curled up with a book. This book is the 5th book of the Wimpy Kid series. Those are the books he looks at most often. But he has been browsing through some Star Wars books and of course... The Simpsons comics. He says he can read a good bit of the books and I guess I'll just have to take his word for it.

I've never tried to teach my kids the whole calendar concept. I figured if they were interested in the months, dates, days of the week, they'd pay attention and figure it out on their own in their own sweet time. Leukemia has helped Hunter learn the days of the week. He paid attention to what days were or were not clinic days. He pays attention to when it's going to be Friday because of new episodes of "The Annoying Orange" and Sunday because of church. He seems to have a firm grasp on what day is next though I don't know if he could name the days in order. Now he's paying attention to what month it is and what the date is. He's taken it upon himself to mark off days of the calendar as he counts down to the arrival of "Baby Bob" who is the new cousin schedule to arrive via preplanned C-section on May 26th (therefore, that's not just a due date but an actual DOA). Interestingly enough, he started to ask me what all of the small print on the days in May said... Canadian holidays and what not. Maybe he's going to go hog wild and develop an interest in random obscure holidays.

Many questions were asked this week but the one that stands out the most is, "Why don't the eggs that daddy cracks (why it's just daddy, I don't know) have baby chicks in them?" I answered this the best I could but if anyone has a good resource to help explain this concept to him, I'd love it!