Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out and About (and a public school encounter)

I got up this morning (after nearly ten hours of much needed sleep) feeling brave I guess. I've not been out and about with all three of the kids by myself in a while. Yesterday Hunter asked me to take them to the park today and when the day started he still wanted to go, much to my delight. So, we packed the Easy Lunch Boxes and headed to Old Fort Park (but only after we stopped to let Ronin purchase a little workbook that she's been wanting... and Hunter got himself this Zoob set).

We walked around for a while at the park. Our plan had been to walk on the Greenway for a while before the playground but unfortunately the Greenway was still closed from flooding during the storms. On our way back from checking out the Greenway, we stopped and watched some people playing tennis. There were two men playing in wheelchairs. Hunter and Ronin thought this was fascinating. Hunter told me about people playing basketball in wheelchairs. We talked about how we can accomplish many challenging things if we only set our minds to it, despite what challenges might come our way. I felt inspired... and I hope that Hunter felt inspired too.
Then we went over to the playground area. Let me be clear... I really dislike this playground. It makes me crazy. Especially where there are large groups of other children playing there. And now they have removed all of the normal big kid swings which leaves the entire parks system without swings here in our city. Disappointing.

After some playing and walking around and dodging lots of children, Hunter came up to me and said, "Mom, these kids are impolite and they don't behave well." Yeah, I had been thinking the same thing but I had been keeping my mouth shut. I don't want to feed my children's distaste for public school. I couldn't help but agree. It was as if they didn't even see my three kids trying to walk or scootch by. They kept bumping into them and would just keep going. I thought to myself, "Where are the adults?" Basically I saw two groups of adults. One was gathered at the entrance and one was huddled up towards the side of the playground. Never once did I see one of them get up and move near any children. They were simply huddled together chatting. Now, I have been guilty of huddling and chatting with other adults while my children played. But I was certain to keep an eye on them and make sure they weren't behaving like banshees and therefore offending or potentially hurting other children. I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if the adults had simply been more attentive to the children. Would the kids have continued to slam into toddlers and nearly knock over children their own size? I just wonder.

So we decided to leave.
On our way out we stopped and experimented with the water fountains.
And Ronin asked a lady who looked like she was a tennis player a few questions about tennis, another one of her million zillion interests.

We went over to the Wilderness Station and looked around for a while.

While we were enjoying our packed lunch on the porch, Drayken made a new friend.
Her name is Heidi.

So do your kids have a fear of public school kids? Have you had a similar experience when encountering large groups of school kids?


  1. Oh Mandy I totally sympathize. It was much worse when mine were small but now it is still tricky and why they ask if we can go when the kids are in school. Days like that it is easiest to remember that this too shall pass-- they grow fast and soon you will be like me with a teen, preteen, and a quickly growing kid. :) I miss those days but then I remember how HARD it was and DON'T.

  2. As homeschoolers, we try to avoid the public school crowds during the day! Lol. It was SO nice to have the Sea Turtle Center practically to ourselves for hours today! Usually if things are crowded, I just leave. Like you guys did. :)

  3. We've witnessed some similar scenes - usually at the pool in the summertime when the PS Summer Program is going. We learned quickly not to go to the pool between certain hours.


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