Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day, Reading, and Food, and Stuff.

Morning started off with a baby dripping in urine. At way-too-early o'clock.

Hunter had decided to not give his sister a hard way to go about sleeping in the bed with me (he's usually the one to sleep with me and refuses to let her in the bed too) and created a bed on the floor. It was like a big sleepover party.

After we were awaken by pee pee boy, Hunter grabbed the Mother's Day cards that he and Ronin made for me "secretly" while I ran week 6 day 2 of Couch to 5K and watched "The IT Crowd" yesterday.

Cards were precious.

The Captain is in a bad place again... not enough money, no office to go to work, no privacy at home, kid with cancer, same kid with potential major emotional issues, aggravating wife (okay, I added that one), three cars that need fixing, unfulfilling job... you know the drill. (I often remind myself that while my dream may have been to give natural childbirth to three blond haired babies and then homeschool them, his dream was not to work overnight at a drug store forever and ever and have to dig up fallen trees and fix vehicles all of the time.)

Despite this place that he's in, the man still bothered to bring me flowers and send me a sweet note on facebook. :)

So, I left the man at home to sleep while I took three kids to church again. Without a leash. Tell me again... why is it that I continue to go out with this crew by myself into crowded locations? Trying to torture myself, right?

Bible class was a trip for the boy.
He gave me a box of chocolates that I immediately shared with the kids while we waited for the crowd to clear out in the Boulevard Bucks Store.

Hunter used the rest of his Blvd Bucks to buy me a purple ink pen bracelet.
I'm wearing it now.

Instead of attending services (how on earth can I attend services with Doofenschmirtz?) we played on the playground. Our church has a killer playground. LOVE IT!

After "church" we came home, had lunch, put the baby to bed and did some reading. We were supposed to wake up the Captain to take us for a picnic at the park but I couldn't bear to do it. I know how exhausted he is and I didn't see a decent reason to wake him up.

On the way home from church, Hunter told me about something embarassing that happened to him at his Cub Scouts event yesterday. So I told him about something horrifying that happened to me in the fifth grade. After he heard my story, he agreed that my situation was worse and he said that he felt better about what happened to him. This was my favorite Mother's Day moment :)

*Hunter has been having a hard time with moving forward with Headsprout. The other day he decided that he was done for good. After talking with a few friends about the matter I decided to try and get to the bottom of things. Exactly what had changed to make him decide that he hated the program? I asked a lot of questions (which really annoys him) and discovered that he hates the sound of his voice (and therefore doesn't like to say the words or sounds out loud) and he also hates the sound of the Headsprout guy's voice. Also, he's found clicking on the answers in addition to reading aloud to be overwhelming. So, I went back one lesson and I did the clicking and let him just do the reading. It went much more smoothly and he has agreed to try and move forward as long as I continue to do the clicking. I'm game!

After we read and read and read and read, Drayken and his dad got up from their nap and we decided to use some Chili's coupons that we got from Bald in the Boro. We'd normally never eat there but hey, it was free. And Ronin had been pestering us to get her some ribs. She heard about them on "iCarly".

As you can plainly see, she quite enjoyed her ribs.

And here she is being Maurice from "The IT Crowd", my new favorite tv show.

Finally, we dug into some delicious dessert which doesn't go far when you have five people eating. Thankfully :)

It's been a lovely day.

Happy Mother's Day.