Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making mud and chasing lizards


"Come On, Mama."

All the while Drayken is giving "drinks" to the plants, Hunter and Ronin are inspecting a "lizard" that seems to have taken up residence under our hot tub.

I posted this lovely photo of the brave fella on a bona fide life's facebook page.
A friend did some research and we concluded that this guy is
a broad-headed skink.

Have you ever seen a creature that looks like this in YOUR yard?


  1. I immediately said, "Skink!" My 10 year old loves those things.

  2. My children would be so happy to find a lizard in their garden but sadly our garden is just not warm enough for them! Drayken looks so sweet watering all the plants.Love the hot tub too!
    Zoe x

  3. I love this post :). I'm a new follower from It's Playtime. I was immediately attracted by the title, anything with mud has got to be fun... and add a lizard to the mix! BONUS!

  4. We have loads of skinks in our backyard - my boys love to catch them (and then let them go!). Thanks for sharing your wonderful outdoor play on It's Playtime. (And I'm with Amy - anything with "mud" in the title is right up my alley!)


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