Friday, May 20, 2011

Domestic Dreaming

We received this in regards to Ronin this week.

Church is the only place at which the grades that my children are technically in are ever acknowledged. Hunter knows he's almost in the 2nd grade and Ronin knows she is going into the 1st grade but outside of church, it means nothing. At church though, 1st grade is a big deal. Last year Hunter graduated up to Faith Boulevard and this year, so will Ronin. This means new classes, new curriculum, and a LOT more fun. I think she's going to really like it. Hunter was enjoying it so much last year. He was abruptly pulled out of church after only attending classes on Faith Boulevard for one month.

Anyway, the Captain and I were talking about how Ronin was moving up and how she'd have so much fun when she said, "Yeah, that letter came for me. I don't know what it's about." Her dad told her that she was graduating and moving on up. She started in on some rant... "I wish I could just go ahead and graduate and get it over with." I wonder if she still thinks that she is going to have to go to school one day? I said, "As far as I'm concerned, the only graduation you will ever experience is if you choose to go to college. Because when you are unschooled you don't have to graduate at all." She said that she didn't think she wanted to go to college after all. She thinks she might just like to be a mom and wife.

How awesome is it that my daughter knows that growing up with the ambition to ONLY be a wife and mother is a totally viable option. How crazy unusual it is too. I don't remember ever thinking that it would be okay for me to choose domesticity as my career. Only a loser would do that, right?

Of course she has plenty of time to decide what she might like to do. But I love seeing that she is able to think outside of the pressures of today's society and dream of doing the job that God has called us women to do. I also think that her statement reflects highly upon the job that I am doing. I guess it looks like I'm having a good time in my life's work or else she'd frown upon following in my footsteps. She might go on to earn an MD or a phD but it thrills me to know that she will do whatever she wants to do, even if it's not exactly an academic pursuit.

I am so very proud.

On a side note, I cannot believe that I have two children who are of the age where they could be attending school. How did it go by so quickly?