Thursday, May 26, 2011


“This week we want to…”

finish up a lot of things around the house and mark a few things off the spring/summer bucket list. The Captain has put up the Purple Martin house and one of the bat houses. He's also put up the basketball goal that our sweet neighbors gave us. He got the lawn mowed and burned some of the tree that we lost in the storm which led to making "yard smores"! He hopes to put some tick repellent on the yard because we have a serious tick issue around here.

“The kids are…”

suddenly taking more of an interest in reading. Hunter was struggling with Headsprout for a few weeks and now things seem better. He's still not crazy about completing an episode but he gets a lollipop when he's finished and he is also allowed to go lay on my bed while he does the episodes. I know he's doing the read out loud activities because I can hear him. He feels uncomfortable reading in front of anyone but me so I have no trouble asking Ronin to leave the room when it's time for Hunter to practice reading books. Ronin took it upon herself to read the Bob books that I recently found at a local thrift store. She did so well that I asked if she'd like to start working on 100 Easy Lessons again and she agreed. She loves getting a lollipop after she's finished with the lessons and she asks if she can do the lessons each day. Funny thing is that she can have a lollipop even if she doesn't do the lessons so it was a self-imposed reward. I like her discipline.

“I am learning….”

that I'm a Christian who is a radical unschooler. I don't fit in anywhere. Except with Jennifer McGrail. ;)

“I am struggling with…”

feeling misunderstood. Every. Single. Day. I think I have Asperger's. Sigh.

“This week is the first time….”

we've had plans with friends (to amount to anything) since Hunter was sick. We have dinner plans tomorrow night and Sunday night with some of our best friends and we have a play date tomorrow at the park with some local homeschoolers. We are really excited about this!