Wednesday, May 18, 2011


“This week we want to…” read some more in a few of our chapter books, finish up some workbook pages, play our new video game, catch up on "glee", finish building some of the old Lego sets from the hospital to put on our new shelf, make a cake or a pie, have a play date with friends, attend the World Turtle Day celebration on Saturday, visit with my dad, send out a care package for a friend, make cards for some other friends, work in the garden some...

“The kids are…” learning about taking care of their new dog. Drayken is having a hard time not picking her up by the neck. Ronin and Hunter are learning to take her outside regularly, to put her in her cage throughout the day if she needs to be protected from Drayken and the rest of us are busy doing something else, to keep things out of her reach if she's in a playful/chewing mood.

“I am learning….” to compromise. Ronin has been going through a disagreeable phase about the meals I have been making. Right now our solution is that she gets to choose whatever goes on her plate (should have been a no brainer, right?). If she agrees to eat it or have it put on her plate, she is responsible for it. If she doesn't like what is being served, she can have cereal (as there is an abundance of cereal that needs to be eaten because the boxes are all opened). So far this is going well. Also, the Captain and I have come to an agreement about the kids sleeping with me. When he's working, the kids and I will come up with an agreement about who will sleep with me and when. The child who is not in the bed with me will have the option of sleeping on the floor on a pallet (their idea). When he's home, they are sleeping in their own bed. This is also going well so far and has helped us to all feel empowered and heard.

“I am struggling with…” my anxiety. And wondering why I keep committing myself to hosting these blogging memes when it looks like very few other people are interested. They aren't even that time consuming... but I seem to be trying to do too much again. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to them. What is wrong with me?