Saturday, May 14, 2011

How God gave Hunter a Dog

This is Maggie (formerly known as Sally).

This is Hunter meeting Maggie.

This is Ronin meeting Maggie.

This is Hunter and Pastor Jonathan with Winnie and Maggie (Sally).

This is Maggie with her proud new owner riding home.

And this is Maggie's story.

The Captain and his family had a yorkie for many years. He's always liked that type of dog. And he's very familiar with how they work and how to take care of them. When we discovered that Drayken would probably need a dog one day and after Hunter started to talk about wanting a cat or a dog, we discussed getting a yorkie simply because it wouldn't be so foreign (and because they are such amazingly awesome dogs).

Last month Hunter and Drayken went with their dad to Florida for their great grandmother's memorial service. She had a terrier mixed breed named Lily. The boys fell in love with her. The Captain described Hunter's behavior with the dog. He was more at peace. He was happy. He took good care of her. When they came home, the boys wouldn't stop talking about Lily. Both of them were Lily this and Lily that all of the time.

We already knew that within the next few months, we were going to get a dog. If it was going to be so therapeutic for Hunter then we couldn't wait any longer. And of course, anyone who knows Drayken knows that he is obsessed with dogs. Any and all dogs... he's a fan.

This week, as we watched our son crumble and fall even further into depression, we decided that we could wait no longer. We had to figure out a way to get Hunter and Drayken a dog.

I posted a notice on Facebook. The Captain posted a notice on Craigslist. We had several responses from people wanting to just give us a yorkie. People are just that kind. But all of the dogs were boys. And we wanted a girl. After I called about a female yorkie and found out that she was $700, I knew that we needed to just take one of the free boy pups. We had decided that Monday we'd go see about one of the boys when we got an email from Pastor Jonathan. He had such a sweet and sad story.

You see, he had a special little Yorkie who got taken from his yard. He posted an ad and signs around his area asking for someone to please call him if anyone found her. But he was despondent and not very optimistic. So he went ahead and called the lady from whom he had purchased Winnie and she had two little girl dogs left. And they were Winnie's half sisters. He went and purchased Sally and within a few days, a lady had called him and said that she had bought Winnie from a man out of a pickup truck in front of the Walmart. He was thrilled to have her back. But then he had two yorkies and that really wasn't what he'd had in mind what with his bee keeping, beef and chicken raising, gardening, pastoring... these are cool people.

Pastor Jonathan went onto Craigslist to post little Sally for sale. Immediately he saw our post and knew that God had put his hand into this situation. Perhaps Winnie had gone away from home just so that he could help this little boy with cancer get the dog of his dreams.

We went today to see about Sally. Pastor Jonathan was clearly a kindred spirit. An adult convert who is crazy in love with our savior, he's had his fair share of health challenges. He could relate so well to Hunter's need for something small to love and cuddle.

Pastor Jonathan generously donated this sweet girl to our son. That's just the kind of man he is. And I believe not only have we gotten ourselves the perfect sweet little puppy, we have made a new friend.

We went to PetCo and got some supplies for our sweet new family member. She's been nothing but calm and quiet and sweet as pie since we left with her. Right now she's tapping around the kitchen and everyone else is building a purple martin birdhouse in the living room.

Thank you Pastor Jonathan for sharing your heart and your porch with us today. And thank you for your kind and giving heart. I have no doubt that God orchestrated this out perfectly.

(And Hunter decided to call her Maggie. And yes, she's named after Maggie Simpson for whom he has an intense affection. They are both small and sweet. I think the name is perfect.)