Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Foster and Lloyd at Grimey's

Thanks to Facebook, I was made aware of the fact that my favorite country act of all time, Foster and Lloyd, had recorded a new album and were going to be playing a free show at a local record store in Nashville tonight. Luckily the show was at 6:00 pm or else I would not have been able to make it because it's the Captain's work week. I made plans with my friend Katrina, who also happens to be a fan, to meet up there and I also invited the two older children as this was an intimate all ages show.

Hunter agreed to come with me! I dug out my old Radney Foster and Foster and Lloyd cds. We packed dinners and hand sanitizer and headed to Nashville (for something other than a trip to the hospital).

As soon as we got out of the van and headed into the back of the store, I saw Bill Lloyd and I started to get excited. We looked around the store a little bit and Hunter asked if we could go back out to the van and read while we waited. While we were in the van reading a Flat Stanley book, I got really excited when I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw Radney Foster... ahem, THE RADNEY FOSTER walking behind MY van carrying his guitar. I squealed like a school girl and then I promised Hunter that I would contain myself from there on out.

Shortly after that outburst my friend showed up and so we got out of the van and walked in with her. There was a small crowd in the small record shop. The guys were playing with Tom Peterson, the bassist from Cheap Trick, and they were clearly excited about it! They played for about half an hour. They played some new songs from the new album, including one called "That's What She Said" which they did not write because of Michael Scott and I know because I asked. (But they are fans of "The Office" nonetheless.) They also performed "What Do You Want From Me This Time?", a song that reached the top five in the country charts back in the 80s.

They still sound amazing. I couldn't believe how great they sounded. And they are both still totally adorable. They had been broken up for nearly 20 years. I didn't discover them until they had already parted ways and had started working on solo stuff. You may remember Radney from the early 90s when he recorded such hits as "Just Call Me Lonesome" and "Nobody Wins".
This is what he looked like back then. And this is what I looked like ;)
You must understand, I was a major fan girl. Crushing like CahRAYZEEE on this man. I didn't usually like country music (can you tell by the black hair?) but I certainly certainly certainly liked him. I even had a boyfriend who I'm pretty sure I only dated because he looked like Radney. I was a big fan. I'm still a fan for that matter. Hence the squealing as he walked behind my car. And as much as I wanted to stick around and get my picture made with him again... only with me not looking like a freak and with him looking at the camera, I decided to just leave it the way that it was. I knew that there was a possibility that giggly Mandy might come out. Fan Girl Mandy. But I really didn't want Hunter to see that. Not because it's embarrassing but because I didn't want him to think that I was flirting. I would not have flirted on purpose. But I can be flirty, especially when I'm nervous or excited and the last thing I want EVER is to flirt with another man. And to have my children witness it... well... that is just a nightmare to even think about. So I left. I took Hunter and I left and we listened to their music all of the way home.

Hunter really liked them. He said, "Their music is really good. I liked it a lot." :)

I truly never dreamed that I'd actually be able to hear these guys play live together. I may never be able to see Pet Shop Boys live but I can cross Foster and Lloyd off of my "Musical acts I'd LOVE to see Live" bucket list.

I'll leave you with my favorite Foster and Lloyd song. It's about the rodeo. I cannot believe I like a song about the rodeo.