Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chickens, Horses, a Bunny, and New Friends

What a perfect day our Lord has granted us. The boys (and the baby girl Magster) went to their grandparents' house while Ronin and I enjoyed a leisurely day hanging out with new friends that we met at gymnastics. They live rather close to us, they are new homeschoolers and planning to register with the Farm school too, and they have an amazing homestead filled with wonderful learning opportunities. I have a feeling that we'll be spending more and more time with these folks, and I'm thrilled about that prospect. I've been praying for more like minded friends in this area and it seems that we have made some.

Ronin learns to toss hay to the horses.

We are inspired by this fairy fort and plan to create one of our own.

A perfectly climbable tree always makes this girl happy.

Chasing chickens was a huge hit!

A bunny... as a PET!

These girls take turns so well!

I think that they could have dug in the dirt together all day.

I felt so relaxed today... chatting with my new friend, sipping hot tea, feeling the breeze.

I hope to have many more days like this one.