Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toddler Tuesdays: Lemonade Party

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This is our lemonade party.

Drayken enjoyed tasting the lemonade...

and stirring it...

and pouring the ice and liquid from one cup to another...

and removing and replacing the lid from the sugar bowl.

He does seem quite interested in pouring. My friend Sherry suggested that he might enjoy a sensory tub. After some research, I happen to agree. I believe that I'm going to make this one. It will be his "Easter gift" (instead of an Easter basket filled with treats). Last year I started the tradition of adding something to our yard that the whole family can enjoy as part of our Easter/Spring celebration. I believe this year's gift (in addition to Drayken's sensory tub) I will be making a play garden, inspired by this blog post.

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