Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snap Circuit Junior

Hunter had fun playing with his
Snap Circuit Junior
(a gift from fellow Christian unschooling friends).

He enjoys studying the different projects.

This project made a light come on!

He builds several projects each time he
takes out the kit.

He's listening to this completed project playing "Happy Birthday."

And this one was a project that made the fan spin-
he's trying to feel the air on his face.

This is a fabulous toy.
I give it an


  1. I am glad you posted about this...I have debated on getting L one of these and wasn't sure what to think!

  2. Oooh, neato. I might have to look into that!

  3. I've had snap circuits on our wish list forever! I've seriously got to buy some. I think Princess will love it!

  4. We have that one, too, and my oldest LOVES it. Have fun!

  5. We have almost all of the sets, including the land rover (the kids request one TYPE of lots of parts toy each year so we don't end up with tons of things that don't go together) and Legos and Snap Circuits are what Issac always asks for. The land rover is meh (takes a lot of batteries though this year Issac got an adapter to plug it in) but the rest are awesome. We found that the huge kit is great and the kids often build all sorts of things outside of the instructions now.

  6. Oh, my kids would love this!! I wonder if they sell it in Oz? I will have to go find out (oh, what a hard life it is, looking around for fun learning projects for my kids!).

    Your boy looks so absorbed, so happy—especially in the Happy Birthday pic :) Thank you for this post—it's lovely to come by here!

  7. That looks like a great kit!


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