Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Easter Week

We have been having so much fun celebrating our Easter week.

We've been reading some Easter related books including daily devotionals from "The Stone that Rolled Away", a strange Guidepost collection gift book that I found at Goodwill early last year. I'd link to it so that you could buy your own copy but I'm not having any luck finding it online. But let me tell ya, if you find it somewhere, pick it up. It's a lovely book.

Ronin's aunt saved a sack of Easter bunny kits from being chucked into the landfill at her school. I was happy to take them and to make a couple and then share them with friends.

They remind me of those snowman
Christmas ornaments that were popular about 10-15 years ago.

We also spent our "girl's night" (which also happened to be a very stormy night) making our vegan cashew "sugar" cookies again. Substituting the sugar for half stevia and half agave worked well again.
We made them heart shaped because ultimately, Easter is about love...
the love that Christ had for each of us.
(and Ronin said because I love her so much too).

As you can see, we didn't end up decorating them quite like I had told you I would in this post.
I attempted to use both spirulina and liquid chlorophyll to make the coconut ("grass") green. Neither method worked and I guess I was too tired to keep trying anything else. They still turned out lovely I think. Another deviation from the original plan were the "eggs". Hunter got to go shopping at Trader Joe's with me after clinic earlier this week. I saw these candy coated chocolate covered sunflower seeds and asked him to choose between the jelly beans and the seeds. He chose the seeds They are so very pretty on the cookies and there were plenty left over for future projects.

Have you had any luck coloring food naturally with green?
If so, what did you use?

If you would like an Easter Bunny craft kit, just email me your mailing address and I'll send you one (or more if you need them). I have 7 available.


  1. The bunnies are cute! Pink fluffy ears are good. :)

  2. Cute crafts. By the way, I really love the name Ronin - we had considered it for one of ours. :)

  3. We have those bunnies! My mother-in-law made them for us a few years back, they are soo cute:)


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