Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Jones Family Garden: Phase Two

Our garden is moving right along.

The Captain built the frame for the raised bed.

He laid all of the bags of soil into the bed and could see that we would need more.

Now that it's all filled with dirt, our intention is to place stones down the center in order to divide the bed into four square sections.

We broke down and purchased a composter from a large chain store.

This is the fully assembled composter which I found to be very interesting.

Ronin and Drayken both helped mix and smooth out the soil.

And all of the talk about the composter had Hunter asking questions about our compost heap. I realized that we'd never even inspected it or talked about it before. So we mixed, poked, dug, and messed with the compost pile towards the back of our property. We discussed decomposition.

Check out Phase One of our garden project here.

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