Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Jones Family Garden: It's DONE!

You can read about the second phase of our gardening.
And I've made a fun post about our play garden for the toddler.

It seems that making the commitment to garden this year helped motivate the Captain to start and complete his mulching project for our front walk. Prior to these lovely stones and red mulch, we simply had plain stepping stones. I believe that the people who used to own this house tore up the sidewalk that was once there. I wonder why they would do that?

I have planted some rosemary right next to the front porch so that I can grab it easily during the colder months when I'm making chicken soup or some other dish that just begs for this delicious and fragrant herb.

I gifted myself with a gerber daisy.

We decided to drag some old tires into the front yard. They were at the back of the property when we moved here five years ago. I remembered that my great grandparents would use old tires for flower beds. It works nicely. We made a trip to Lowe's and picked out flowers for both of the big children. Drayken likes everything so his play garden is just a few of each color.

These are Hunter's flowers. He likes red and yellow (I think it reminds me of "The Simpsons").

Here are Ronin's flowers... pink and purple.
We planted salvia, petunia, and celosia.

Now for a tour of the food garden!

Tomatoes, peppers, squash, oh my!

The herb corner: basil, mint, chives, etc.

Two different types of lettuces!

More squash, peppers, beans, tomatoes.

And in the rain barrel, a voodoo lilly (that I am pretty sure has kicked the bucket now),
a marigold and maybe zinnia?

I am proud and excited about our garden.
I've been thrilled how much the kids have been involved, especially Hunter.

So what have you been growing in your garden?
As Davy from "Anne of the Island" says, "I want to know."


  1. I love daisies! Always nice to give yourself a little pretty. :)

    Looks like the beginnings of a great garden!

  2. I love seeing what you have done... like the tire planters!!

  3. Yay, gardens! I guess I could have given you some information on the voodoo lily. They need to be planted fairly deep into the ground. The top of the rain barrel is probably too shallow. Anyway, they're pretty hard to kill. Plant the bulb somewhere and forget about it. It should come back next year.

  4. I love the tire gardens your kids planted! And the play garden is genius. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  5. We just planted a rosemary as well :)
    Your garden looks great!

  6. Wow! I love all of your flowers, herbs and veggies~you're going to have a yummy summer:)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  7. My kids go to school where Jen Clifford teachers and she thought we should be friends. I put in a Facebook request. I to have a child who has had cancer and I home school him.We lived in Nashville for a while. I really like your blog. Blessing to you and your family for healing.

    Have a blessed day,
    Sarah Green Weiler


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