Monday, April 4, 2011

Identifying the trees in my front yard

I'd love some help identifying these trees in my front yard.

the above two photos are of blossoms from my apple trees. but i honestly don't know what kind of apple trees they are. thoughts?

i *think* these are cherry trees but i cannot find what kind.

and these little flowers pop up on the ground underneath one of my trees. it's so gorgeous the way that the cover the area surrounding the tree in a great big ring. what the heck is it called?


  1. The flowers in the last pic look like violets.

  2. The bottom pic is of voilets. People make jam out of them!

  3. I *thought* they looked like violets but I couldn't understand why they would be all over the ground under that tree.

  4. I agree that they look like violets...can't help with the varieties of the apple blossoms. The pictures are lovely, though :)


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