Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Feel Pretty

For the first time in my life...

I like the way I look.

I like my hair. I like it's length, the waves, the color. Even if it is boring brown and I have menacing split ends.

I like my skin. Even if I do have these annoying bumps all over the tops of my arms and the backs of my legs, at least the skin on my face is clear.

I like my eyes. Even if I do have to wear glasses.

I like my body. Even if I do have big birthing hips that are finally going away now that I've started running at 33.
I like that I got past the season of childbearing without too many battle scars and without weighing 200 pounds (a big fear that I had before becoming a mom).

I like the fact that my body can heal itself and look like the bodies in the magazines if just given the right fuel and the right movement.

I even have learned to accept the fact that the tendon above my heels it's skinny so I have the illusion of sporting cankles even though I'm not, exactly.

I love that I like the way that I look and I don't have to wear makeup, push up bras, fancy clothes, get my hair colored or blah blah blah blah... I'm okay the way that I am. Naturally. The way that God made me.

And most of all, I'm glad that I arrived at this nauseatingly healthy place before my daughter gets any older so that I don't spew self hatred all over her.

It was scary how quickly she picked up the vanity thing when she watched our house guest spend HOURS in front of the mirror. She was spending time in front of the mirror all day long after the guest had been here merely a few days. It was disturbing. That guest also had plastic surgery on her calves recently... so that she could feel good about herself. Our connection with that person has been severed. My daughter will never know about her surgery and as far as I'm concerned, unless that person changes dramatically, she'll never have contact with that person again.

I will tell her regularly about how much I love the way that I look... despite my strange blue broken cheek vein or the freckles on my shoulders or the stretch marks on my hips.

My message will be health. If you strive to be healthy, beauty will simply follow with no effort. God made us to all be beautiful. We are destroying our beauty from the inside out.

Look at us. Not a bit of makeup. Not a bit of Botox. Not a bit of firming cream or lifting lotion.
No plastic surgery. No self hatred.
We are beautiful.
The way that God made us.

What can you do differently to help you reach true and authentic beauty?
What about your self image would you like to change, if not for your own sake, for your child's sake?

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