Friday, April 22, 2011

Hunter connects with nature Part 2

I'm happy to announce that Hunter has continued to move himself outside and become engaged with his environment.
A few days ago we were wandering around the front yard and he started asking me about the "helicopters" all over the ground. I explained as best I could about wind dispersal. He wanted to know what tree they came from so I suggested we look around for evidence ON a tree in order to find out. I'm pretty sure they may have come from someone else's tree because I couldn't see them anywhere.
He grabbed a basket, wrangled his sister into helping, and collected a few. Then he took the collection to the back porch where he and his sister sat and peeled the legume/seed out of the helicopter.
He worked patiently for a long time.

His sister helped while she ate her dinner.

After they were all peeled, he grabbed a shovel and headed to the garden to plant the seeds.

Yesterday I found him doing this. Not sure what he's up to other than gazing at his flower bed but I thought it was a lovely shot.

Thanks for all of the encouragement about getting Hunter outdoors.
He is joining cub scouts so that should help him get outside more often as well.

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