Friday, April 8, 2011

Girl Time!

Ronin and I have been busy girls this week while the boys have been in Florida.

We got to check out the new toy store here in town.

We were able to pet some bunnies at the toy store.

I thought it was pretty funny that she just kept going back to this toy gun.
Our friends the Barretts will be proud.

This photo is very similar to one I took of Hunter when he was right at Ronin's age.

The dress and fancy shoes didn't stop her from ridin'.

After we hung out at the Avenue, we stopped by Jozoara Coffee Shop for dinner (used a Group On) and to listen to our good friend Rik play gorgeous tunes on his guitar and sing to us in his soothing, sweet voice.

We brought a tea party game and princess dominoes.

We enjoyed dinner. She ordered the grilled cheese panini with fruit cup and I had a veggie sandwich with their amazing homemade french onion soup.

And we wrapped up our date by using a new jewelry bead kit to make Ronin's best friend a birthday necklace.

We've had a lot of fun while the boys were gone. But I'm ready for them to come home!

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