Saturday, April 2, 2011

What We've Been Reading Post 3

Checked a TON of books out from the library this week but these are the highlights.

The books Hunter read (with some assistance).

These are our VERY favorite books from this week... and some of our favorite books ever.
The Scaredy Squirrel books are hilarious and we have discovered that there are a few more titles in the series (sweet) so we'll be looking for those at our library.
Chicken and Cat made very little sense to us but Chicken and Cat Clean Up had us all rolling in hysterics. Now that is one funny book.
The Opera Cat books have led to an intense interest in opera for Ronin.
My Uncle Martin's Big Heart was an excellent way to introduce Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to my children. I will admit, however, that it had me a bit emotional.
We've been listening to Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books on cd for a while but this was our first time actually reading one of the books. The entire series is precious. Funny and sweet, you can't go wrong with this series.


  1. I've got Uncle Andy's Cats on hold at the library. I hope it's good!

  2. I love your book selections and how most of your books include cute little animals! I love finding books like those and we'll be checking out Oliver and Albert and We Love the Dirt, since I'm encouraging our son to "work" with me in our garden.

  3. Uncle Martin's Heart is a sweet book. We read that very recently.

  4. Great picks! I saw the Cowgirl book in the library, now I will make sure to pick it up next time. Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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