Saturday, March 26, 2011

the "Use What You Have" challenge: Meal Planning

In an attempt to use what I've got in my freezer and pantry, I have created two weeks of meal and snack schedules. I'm really excited about this and I look forward to using up the food that I have on hand and starting over with new things. I'll still have a few things left after these two weeks are over but I'll have at least used up anything that was running out of time. And no, I don't have ALL of these things on hand right now. I've made a very specific list for the grocery and I went today and will go again to Trader Joes and Whole Foods on Wednesday. I'm sticking to the list and it's going to rock! The purpose of the schedule is three fold. 1. To use what what we have before it goes bad, 2. To help serve as a reminder to add things like almond butter to toast or to give the kids their Emergen-C, and 3. To help eliminate or reduce the amount of processed and sugary foods that Hunter is eating... if we have a list and a schedule, he'll stick to it and if I have a plan and I do the shopping, Dad won't come home with cookies, pretzels, chips, etc. I have also scheduled desserts for some of the days. (these lunches are for the children... I typically have a smoothie, salad, raw veggies, an apple, etc for lunch and I'll continue to do that).
I'll post the following week's schedule next Sunday.

B: cereal with almond milk, red superfruit juice
L: chickpea salad on romaine leaves with applesauce
D: Turkey bacon, spinach, tomato sandwiches on Ezekiel toast and smoothies
S: popcorn and Lara bar
d: vegan pudding

B: Toast with Earth Balance and Almond Butter, fruit
L: Fish Nuggets, sauteed spinach, sliced apples
D: Beef lasagna, broccoli, iced blueberry tea
S: Fruit leather, chocolate peanut butter shake
d: spirulina treats

B: Cinnamon Scones, fresh juice, spirulina treat
L: Chickpea salad with romaine leaves, apple slices
D: Boys will fend for themselves while Ronin and I are out and about :)
S: popcorn, fruit leather

B: oatmeal with Emergen-C
L: Frozen pizza, sliced apples
D: mahi mahi with relish, mac and cheese, green beans, lemonade
S: plain goat yogurt with berries and granola, fruit leather
d: blueberries with cashew cream

B: Buckwheat waffles with blueberries, red superfruit juice
L: mac n cheese with mixed veggies and tuna, applesauce
D: Your Burger restaurant


  1. Here's mine!

    Monday :
    B: Banana Bread with butter and fruit
    L: Udon and Pho soup
    D: Green curry with red and green peppers, asparagus, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and tofu
    S: popcorn or fruit or hummus & chips or cut veggies.

    Tuesday :
    B: Blueberry Muffins
    L: Soy nuggets and corn or peas
    D: Hoppin' johns, greens, and cornbread with butter
    S: Nutella toast or fruit or cut veggies.

    Wednesday :
    B: Scrambled eggs with nutritional yeast
    L: Steamed broccoli and sticky rice for me, soy burgers and mac&cheese for the kids
    D: Sushi with cream cheese, carrots, avocado, and crab, with miso soup, pickled cucumbers and salad
    S: Popcorn or fruit bread or fruit or cut veggies.

    Thursday :
    B: Cranberry Orange Muffins
    L: Turkey wraps with lettuice, meunster cheese, carrots, safflower mayonaise, mustard, e.t.c.
    D: Asian chicken, bok choi, and steamed brown rice.
    S: Granola bars, fruit or cut veggies.

    Friday :
    B: Soysage biscuts
    L: Steamed broccoli and cauluflower with sticky rice for me, PB&J for Beren and N&J for Elly
    D: Pizza from Sam's!
    S: Fruit or popcorn

    Saturday :
    B: Eggs benedict (I can dream right?) with wheat toast
    L: Udon and Pho soup
    D: Jambalaya with turkey sausage and greens.
    S: hummus or salsa and tortilla chips and veggies

  2. Excellent list! I really need to sit down and meal plan too. I just get frustrated trying to do it. :(

  3. Can you believe that of everything on that list, the only think I don't have actually in my house is the avocado for the sushi. I think I may have some hoarding issues.


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