Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Thank You to Daneboe and the Annoying Orange

Hey, Hey Daneboe. Hey, Hey Daneboe. Hey. Hey. Hey Daneboe.

I emailed Dane Boedigheimer a while ago to let him know how much his YouTube video series "The Annoying Orange" has meant to our family. When nothing else seems to interest Hunter, or bring a smile to his face, Orange is there to make him HOWL with hysterical laughter. Every time. The new episodes of "The Annoying Orange" premiere on Fridays which works out perfectly because that is the day Hunter has to go to the clinic AND have his dressing on his Hickman line changed, two things he totally hates. The new episodes have given him something fun to look forward to every Friday. The week of his transplant, there was a new episode of "The Annoying Orange" every day. I considered this to be nothing short of a miracle. The day of the transplant they premiered "Kitchen Intruder" which gave us something to laugh about while Ronin was in surgery.

Dane wrote back. It was an email that we will forever treasure. We are working on Make a Wish plans for Hunter to meet Dane. In the mean time, Dane sent Hunter and Ronin some shirts.

Here's a little interview I conducted with Hunter.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about "The Annoying Orange"?
It's a YouTube video series about talking food.

Why do you like watching "The Annoying Orange"?
Because it's funny.

What is your favorite episode of "The Annoying Orange"?
Grandpa Lemon

Why is it your favorite?
Because Grandpa Lemon is insane.

Who is your favorite character?
There are so many that I like... Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Knife, Raspberry.

During the week of your bone marrow transplant, "The Annoying Orange" parodied other viral YouTube videos. Which one did you like the best?
Charlie the Unicorn

There is a possibility that you will get to meet with Dane, the creator of "The Annoying Orange" when we visit California. If this possibility becomes a reality, what are you most hoping to learn and experience during your visit with Dane?
I'd like to be in an episode of "The Annoying Orange". I could be a blueberry and Ronin could be a piece of gum. I'd also like to watch an episode being created. I'd probably enjoy talking with Dane and asking him questions about how he creates the videos.

Thank you again, Dane. I cannot wait to introduce you to my son. I will never be able to thank you enough for producing one of the only things that continues to make him laugh during these difficult days. You are a hero to me!

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