Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So much to celebrate and Bart Butt

One advantage to having two birthdays within one week is the sharing of the party!
They may not always go for that but for now I appreciate this advantage.

Hunter saw this cake. He decided that he must have that cake for his birthday.
Mommy flips (because I can't make cakes and Whole Foods won't do licensed characters).
Up steps our friend Rachel.
These cakes are colored naturally.
The pink cake is a small pressed cake like the famous pink donuts from "The Simpsons".
It was Drayken's cake to smash up. :)
The cakes are avocado lime and totally amazing.

My mother-in-law took care of decorations. :)

Drayken had no idea what to do with his cake candles.
He had no trouble eating half of the cake though.

At some point during the party, Drayken started "being Gibby" (which around here means walking around shirtless). I had a hard time getting pictures of him opening gifts.
Hard to shoot a quickly moving target.

Hunter got even more nice gifts.

But he was most surprised by the Lego Death Star.

And his buddy Jake got to join us which was a wonderful treat!

Now, I have a 2 year old boy and a 7 year old boy.
This feels strangely like New Years.

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  1. Obviously I've been following on Facebook, but it was so nice to get the overview over here. Your friend did such a great job with the cakes - and Wow, talk about the best of both worlds! Their favorite character, in a cake people actually want to eat!! You rock!

    Your family has overcome so many challenges this past year. 2 and 7 should be amazing.

    Happy Birthday to all of you. You've certainly all earned it!


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