Friday, March 11, 2011

Show and Tell Blog Hop: March 2011

We are so excited to kick off our very first Show and Tell Blog Hop. If you missed the introduction, read the post here. Please post a link to your own Show and Tell and then be sure to visit and comment on the other links!

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  1. I asked Benjamin if he'd like to do this...he said, "Do I have to?"

    I said, "Well no, you don't *have* to, but it might be fun."

    He said, "Well, I wouldn't mind you just putting it on your blog for your friends but I don't want the whole world seeing it."

    I think my Feedburner stats have ruled out the entire world seeing it, but technically it will be on the "world" wide web.

    We'll revisit the topic. I'll link up if he gives me an affirmative!


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