Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rose-Colored Glasses in my Heart

A friend posted a link to the music video for "Stand" by R.E.M. on Facebook. The thumbnail for the video in the post was of Michael Stipe, in the video's last shot of him right after he jumps and it shows his sheepish smile and he puts his hand in front of his face. Eeeeeeeeeek. I can't take it. It's so adorable. This one shot of Michael Stipe, long hair, chin dent, shy grin was the object of my 13 year old affections. It was more than my preteen hormones could handle. I vividly remember pausing the video on my VCR (this was before you could watch music videos online and then take screen shots of them) and taking a photo of the screen with my camera so that I could forever gaze at that adorable face of his, at that very moment of perfection.adorable Stipe

Of course, I had to share the video with my daughter. I waited until the very end and, like I used to always do, I paused the video on that last shot of Michael Stipe. And I asked her if she thought he was cute. She did not. She thought he was disgusting. Well, of course, this led to me posting the same link on my Facebook page. And after several comments, one of my friends said that "He was hot. Very hot." And that word "was" made me start thinking.

I do believe that every time I have looked at a photograph of Michael Stipe over the past 20 years, I have continued to see that same sheepishly grinning boy with long wavy hair and a receding hairline. He is forever 30 and adorable in my mind. I may SEE him as fifty with my eyes but in my heart, he is still the 1988 Michael Stipe. And he always will be.
the Stipe I'm unable to see

Then I realized that this same phenomenon continues to occur for me when I see other celebrities. Recently I watched the first season of "Hot in Cleveland" on Netflix. I watched Betty White. I could see that she is now a very elderly lady.a recent photo of Betty
But in my heart she looked no different that when she played Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Sh0w".
Betty's MTM days

And of course I met Kate Pierson a few years ago. She was just a few short months from turning 60.
She is as perfect and tiny and gorgeous as you might imagine her to be.

But I couldn't tell. To me, she looked no different than she did during the early 90s with the Bs.
the reason I always wanted to be a redhead

So I guess it's really nice and convenient that my love for my husband seems to have caused the same strange reaction in my brain when I look at him. Sure, he's still young and still looks relatively the same. But I can already tell that no matter how many years go by, he is forever Billy Wigglesjavelin in my heart.
He's a doll, no?

I suppose this is how people stay in love forever. How a man can say that when he looks at his 60 year old wife of 35 years that she still looks like the young girl he first met and fell in love with. And I suppose this is the reason that my husband can see me, with my stretch marks and "obviously you have nursed three kids" boobs and think that I'm still as hot as he did when we were in our early 20s. It's pretty amazing if you ask me.

What about you? Does love seem to give you a special pair of age resistant glasses? Are their certain people in your life who seem to remain young and beautiful despite the years?


  1. I was JUST thinking about this yesterday. The Husband and I started dating when we were 16 and 18. The mirror and old photos tells me that times have definitely changed. But, at 30 now, he just gets sexier and sexier to me! :)

    I'm sure other people look at couples sometimes and wonder how the other could be attracted to this or that (like the hubs receding hairline). I literally don't even SEE that. My rose colored glasses totally fill in the hair blanks. :D

  2. oh Jessica, it makes me smile that you *got* this post. :) So glad that we have met!

  3. What a great post! It is hard to recognize the changes sometimes. We see what our hearts want to see. I think the Lizard King looks better every year. I can't imagine what 16 year old me would think!

  4. GREAT post, Mandy...and of course I LOVE that picture of Michael Stipe. At one point every square inch of wall space in my room was covered in posters of him. Adorable is right. That second picture threw me for a loop though. Wow. He's so awesome though. :)

    I'm struggling with ageing, if I'm honest. I never thought I would, but I think it's because everyone has always took me for 10- 15 years younger than I am. And while I still don't think I look my age, I AM looking older. It's hard.

    My mum once said to me regarding my husband - "He's going to go bald, you know." (because he has a fairly definitive receding hair line.) I was shocked and looked at her as if to say, WTH? The thing is, I love my husband so much and we are both changing and yet we still look at one another with googly eyes. We are in love, in our hearts and minds...and what the eyes see matter not because what is felt is so much more. And besides...what the eyes see is, like you said, age resistant. Wish it worked when I looked in the mirror though. :) xo


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