Saturday, March 19, 2011

Painting for a purpose

This morning Ronin and I left the boys at home with their Aunt and attended a painting session at Faithful Strokes Art Studio here in Murfreesboro. It was organized by Clinton's mom. The idea is to host a series of Saturday morning painting sessions where children who either currently have or have had cancer can paint a picture that will later be auctioned. All proceeds will eventually go to childhood cancer research. Hunter wasn't interested in participating so Ronin stepped in on his behalf.

Our pal Story and her mom were there too.
Here are Ronin and Story painting next to one another.

This is Ronin's finished painting which she titled
"Just Trees".

Clinton and Ronin use hair dryers to dry off their finished paintings.

Ronin's signature

Story and Ronin posed for a picture together.
Turns out, these girls had somehow never met before.
But Ronin keeps up with Story online and talks about her ALL THE TIME!!

I'm linking up at Saturday's Artist.

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  1. Wonderful.

    I'm not sure there's anything artlicious than kidlicious art. :)


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