Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Spring/ Summer Lists

This summer, as we focus on things that we are able to do and not on those we can't, I chose to sit down with Hunter and Ronin to come up with a list of fun things we'd like to do this spring/summer. Here is what we came up with:

Fly a Kite
Drive-in Theater
At least three family hikes at new places
Go camping
Visit the TN State Museum
Make s'mores in our yard
Attend Movies Under the Stars (a program through Murfreesboro Parks and Rec)
Attend a bluegrass concert at Cannonsburg (also Parks and Rec)
Go Swimming at Patterson Park
Have dinner with friends at least 4 times
Participate in summer reading at Linebaugh Library
Host a "fancy" girl's only tea party
Go to yard sales

I also have a list for me and Michael... things we need to accomplish or things I want to accomplish and he'll need to help me with some of them:
do the garden thing
confirm regular giveaway participants for the rest of the year
use the rest of my massages
make my own homemade versions of the following:
thieves oil
laundry detergent
dishwasher detergent
tick spray
set up basketball goal we were given
use sewing machine
buy a bike
start sprouting again (I own a sprouter)
use clothes line
use cloth diapers at least two days a week
plan a KWP reunion party for the Captain

And for all of you CM homeschoolers... I'm finally getting around to "habits"
Focusing on each for two weeks starting in April:
Brushing twice a day and flossing daily (for the kids, not me)
tithing (for all I know my husband already does this but if not, we better get our butts in gear)
Praying aloud daily
Reading Bible story daily (instead of several times a week)

Do you have a list for the upcoming warmer season?
I'd love to hear about what your plans include!

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