Thursday, March 31, 2011

mud and worms

the captain is doing *something* in our front yard that required removing our stepping stones and placing black grass killing plastic over the ground. well, we found some worms chilling in the plastic covering.
after i picked up a worm and looked at it, ronin just had to pick one up too.

i love a girl who doesn't squeal and shriek when she sees a worm.

we also checked on our rain barrel

and got our mud on.

linking up at
Nature Connections. :)


  1. We worm hunted this week too!

    We learned a lot and had so much fun connecting with nature:)

    Such a sweet, sweet blog you have:)

  2. I love adventurous girls, too. I love your rain barrel.

  3. Mud and worms...gotta love it...unless you are Princess. She hates them both. Bummer, huh?


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