Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make a Wish Spa Party

On Wednesday, Ronin and I drove to Green Hills for our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. And then we drove across the interstate over to the Vandy area (our second home) for a special evening with the Chi Omega sorority. This sorority has chosen the Make a Wish organization as it's philanthropy on a national level. They hold two events locally each year: the Make a Wish Spa Party which is open to any Make a Wish girl, her sisters and her best friends (and mother of course) in the spring and in the fall they host a fundraiser fashion show.
Technically Ronin is not a Make A Wish girl but our friends, the Cox girls, told us about the event. I emailed the organizer and she said that Ronin was more than welcome.

We were able to park at a meter across the street from the house.
When we walked in the front doors, we were greeted by a gaggle of gorgeous precious young women. They were so amazing. They treated Ronin like a celebrity and they just swooped in and started showing her around and giving her a tour of the house. She was enamored. These young women were really special.

Here she is with a cup of tea.
She's taken a moment to pose for the camera while chatting it up with the ladies.

Ronin had a VERY special request for her manicure and the girls bent over backwards to honor that request. I was so impressed with their patience, kindness, friendliness, and sweetness.
Ronin chose a deep dark nearly silver metallic purple for the background and pink flowers with a yellow center. :)
And a bright blue for the pedicure color.
What's so funny is that days before we even went to the party she had strategically planned exactly what colors/design she wanted them to use :)
Here she is dancing with one of the girls and our friend Cadence :)

"Playing dead" ????

Before we left, she posed with her new friend Elizabeth.

After the party we had a light dinner across the street at Grins, an on campus Kosher vegetarian cafe that I'd always wanted to try.

My sweet happy girl :)

*I must admit that my experience with people who were in a sorority had been limited and perhaps my views were a bit biased and I held a few prejudices. After this experience I have an open mind to sororities and the women in them. I was very pleased with this experience and I appreciated the opportunity to challenge my beliefs.

Thank you Chi Omega! We love you!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Did you know that yours truly is a sorority girl?? (Pi Beta Phi!) Sororities have their pros and cons like everything else, but they do know how to do community service projects with style! ;)

  2. Yes, Sherry, I'd picked up on that fact. I was a little surprised. Honestly, I don't know a Pi Beta Gamma from a Theta Chi Omega. It's all Greek to me. Bahaha. Seriously, though, what is the difference?

  3. Heck yes, Chi-O's rock!!! ;) Hootie Hoo- db


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