Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Local Plants of Antiquity Giveaway

I am so excited about this giveaway!

My friend Monica recently contacted me about her new business endeavor. She knew we'd been through a lot and she offered to provide my family with some free plants to help us get started on our gardening adventures. This was just the motivation I needed to get with the program! I could have easily said to myself, "Oh, you are so off the hook. Never mind that commitment you made last year to finally grow SOMETHING in 2011. You've been through so much. You don't have to follow through." But with an offer like Monica's, how could I flake out?

So I started thinking that maybe they might like to give away some of their plants to some lucky local reader right here on my blog. They were excited about the opportunity and decided to debut one of their new exciting collections with the giveaway.

That's right, friends! If you live *in the specified area* (see footnotes), you are eligible to win one of the following fun collections of delicious, gorgeous plants for your garden this spring! Are you as pumped as I am?

But first, please take a few moments to learn more about Plants of Antiquity. I asked Monica and Tom a few questions and this is what they had to say.

What made us decide to go into business selling plants?
We are people who are passionate about plants. We've been growing an abundance of unique plants for several years and have realized for some time that there is a limited selection at local retailers. We believe that everyone should have access to a wide selection of plants, rather than just the standard crop you see every year at large "wholesale" stores. We started Plants of Antiquity to offer our unique, heirloom and rare high-quality plants to our area so that everyone can experience the joy of growing truly unique plants.

What is unique about Plants of Antiquity?
We have a large selection of rare and heirloom plants that are unavailable except by "special order" online and our prices are generally lower than what you would pay an online retailer. Being local, we grow everything ourselves from seed and are able to offer a unique selection at a lower-than-average price. We are proud to ensure that every plant we grow is grown to the highest expectations we've come to expect from our own garden every year.

What can people expect when they purchase plants from Plants of Antiquity?
Incredible plants. We grow our own plants at our own greenhouses from seed, so we are able to ensure our plants our grown to the highest standards from day one. We are committed to staying local and affordable, which means you can expect new plants every year delivered right to your doorstep.

Tell us about the new collections you are debuting with our giveaway.
Our collections offer bundles of plants packaged into culinary and aesthetic groupings. We're excited to be able to offer some of our favorite groupings at a discounted price!
How can my readers get in touch with Plants of Antiquity?
Just send us an email at PlantsofAntiquity@gmail.com or give us a call at 615-427-3765. To order a catalog, drop us an email and we'll send you our digital catalog back. To order or if you have any questions, just email or call!

Tell us more about the giveaway! Sure! Don't mind if I do!

Plants of Antiquity has created five unique collections of plants and would like to offer one of them to our winner. Read through the descriptions and soak in these gorgeous photographs. Decide which collection would compliment your garden the best and then tell us which one you'd like in a comment on this post. Remember, this is for localish readers only. On March 31, we will randomly select a winner.

And now, for the collections!

White Wonder:
White Wonder Tomato
White Wonder Cucumber
White Scallop Bush Squash
Sweet Basil
Dress your garden in ivory this year with our White Wonder Collection! Our white-flowering Sweet Basil, White Scallop Bush Squash, and White Wonder Cucumbers and Tomatoes are sure to impress. Bundled together at a discounted price.

Royal Purple:
Black From Tula
Paul Robeson
Purple Beauty Pepper
Basil Osmin

Garden regally this year with our Royal Purple Collection! Sweet Purple Beauty Peppers, Basil Osmin, and Paul Robeson and Black from Tula tomatoes will make a colorful statement this summer. Bundled together at a discounted price.

Thai Red Chili
Thai Cucumber
Thai Basil
Holy Basil
Orca Bean
Black Beauty Eggplant
Looking to spice up your life? You're sure to turn up the heat with our Thai Red Chilies, Orca Beans, Thai Cucumbers and Thai Siam Queen and Holy Basils. Our Black Beauty Eggplant is the perfect centerpiece for your Asian cuisine this year. Try our new Thai Collection and set the mood at your table this summer!

Gigante Liscio
Red Marconi
Basil Marseille
English Thyme
Italian Pepperoncini
Picturing something exquisite for your palette this year? Our incredible Gigante Liscio Tomato, sweet Red Marconi Pepper, Basil Marseille from France, English Thyme and Italian Pepperoncini plants will take your taste buds across the world. Bundled together at a discounted price so you can enjoy your spring in style!

2 Brandywine Tomatoes
2 Emerald Okra
Emerald Giant Peppers
Sweet Basil
English Thyme
Prepare the grill for our Emerald Okra, then add stuffed Emerald Peppers with your favorite Creole spices and a little English Thyme! Dust some freshly picked Sweet Basil across our Brandywine Tomatoes and you've got a meal the neighbors will hop across the fence for. Get all these plants for a discounted price today with our Cajun Collection and put the South in your Southern Cookin' this summer!

Contest Rules and Regulations:
We will only accept one (1) winner for this contest. The value of the prize depends on the collection selected by the winner but is not to exceed . The winner may select from one of the available collections for the growing year of 2011. The contest winner is responsible for submitting their chosen selection to Plants of Antiquity by email or phone. The winner has until April 30th, 2011 to contact us with their selected collection to ensure prize availability and to claim their prize. Collection availability cannot be guaranteed by Plants of Antiquity beyond May 1st, 2011. After May 1st, 2011 we cannot guarantee a prize and no claims may be made for any prize concerning this contest. Plants of Antiquity will deliver the winner's prize to their home on one of our available delivery dates. The sooner we are contacted, the more likely we will be able to deliver the winner's prize on a given day. Plants of Antiquity assumes no liability concerning loss or gain from this contest. Plants of Antiquity assumes no liability concerning losses or gains of the contest holder with regards to this contest.

*Plants of Antiquity have specified the following locations to which they are willing to deliver for the contest: We will deliver anywhere within 30 miles of Nashville plus anywhere in Maury, Marshall, Bedford, Rutherford, Wilson, Williamson, Cannon, and Coffee counties in Tennessee and Morgan County in Alabama. If you would be willing to drive to one of these locations in order to meet them, go ahead and enter!*


  1. I'd love to have the european collection for a garden.

  2. Something from white wonder or European, I like them both!

  3. wow, they all look incredible. i'm torn between the Thai (rollum cooks a lot of asian-inspired noodles for us) and the royal purple (how beautiful is all that stuff?!!)

  4. The cajun collection sounds great!

  5. I would love the purple collection!!!

  6. white wonder would be great!

  7. I'd love the Royal Purple to go with the purple carrots and purple potatoes I'm growing this year.

  8. The Royal Purple is awesome..and needed. Thanks!

  9. I would love to win the Cajun Collection. Makes me want to cook :)

  10. The Royal purple, although they all look amazing!

  11. White Wonder or Cajun for me!

  12. what a really nice giveaway! i'd love to win the cajun collection to give to my friends diane and david, they lost their home in new orleans when katrina hit and have resettled in nashville. this would be a very neat little reminder of home for them.

  13. ooh! This is so cool! Cajun would be an awesome start to my garden!!


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